Reducing Food Waste

I’m at home a lot. Like…most of my life these days. I keep thinking of things to do or create, like crochet a king size blanket for my fiance, or teach myself to sew. I’ve also been baking and derping around in the kitchen a lot more than usual. Mostly because whenever I go grocery shopping I think “oh hey, maybe I should buy some banana bread muffins/some vanilla syrup for my coffee/some etc” and I’ve realized that I can just make that stuff myself.
I’ve also read a bunch of blogs and posts about food waste and now I’m all motivated to change up my food habits. Again. Sorry CatLord.
I’ve been switching my cleaning supplies over to more natural cleaners, I’ve been using vinegar and water as our AP cleaner for the last several years, but have started repurposing our orange peels as a cleaner enhancer/scent. Once the orange is infused in the vinegar, I throw the peels in the compost. Last night, we had some fruit while we were lazily watching The Expanse and used the orange peels, half of the orange went zested in the freezer for muffins, and the other half I dehydrated in the oven this morning for tea. I think I might try making candied orange peels next time.
I’ve also made a good scrub out of my spent espresso grounds, and some coconut oil. I added a bit of white sugar, to my preference (but have heard that this isn’t always the best for your skin). I use it on my lips and on my legs/arms when they start to get real dry, I just put it on in the shower and then rinse it off. The weather in Alberta is -so- dry, but the scrub really helps to soothe my irritated skin.
We’re also that family that buys a whole bag of potatoes with good intentions and by the time we get around to using all of them, they’ve started sprout. They’ll be used as started potatoes for us when the sky stops crapping snow on us. I’m trying to get away from the Costco run where we buy all our veggies in bulk, as half of them usually go bad before we can get around to eating them and then we all feel like trash for wasting food/money. I’m interested in what other folks do with their leftover food scraps. I think I’ll be starting a freezer bag for veggie stock, what are some other ways you repurpose your food waste?


i miss my period

i miss my period

So I think I found a free vermiculture composting class next week, but I’m also a little nervous that it might be about growing bugs to eat. (Which I have learned is actually called entomophagy, and I’m weirded out by it).
Also, if anyone has any links or sites they’d recommend about composting, please feel free to link them my way. My compost is really just a collection of food scraps and sticks that won’t break down that I get to spin around sometimes. But I only have to worry about that once the snow goes away. Which is never. Because I live in a frozen wasteland.

Another story: after Christmas, I noticed that THINX, the period underwear people, were having a pretty decent sale on a custom 3 pack of underoos. So I ordered it, and I’ve been so excited to try them out, but both January and February periods have been like…non-existant (not pregnant, family, chill your jets) and so I just like..bought these really neat period underpants that I apparently am never going to use.
And like, I’m only mildly complaining about not actually getting my period because instead of period cramps, I’ve had this stellar migraine. Like a period cramp in my brain. It is significantly less fun than period cramps. Gotta say.

Yes this is my 9×9 pan, and yes, I did eat that entire row by myself.

It’s Friday. I was in a bunch of pain all day, so I didn’t really get around to doing much. I managed to make dinner and do some baking. I made these vegan peanut butter banana brownies from recipes from a pantry by bintu, which have a weird consistency for me, but they’re meeting my brain-period-cramping needs. Their mouth feel (idk how else to describe it) is like…mochi almost. I’m definitely eating the rest of this and am not going to be mad about it though.

Anyways, it has been snowing all day and I’m super over it. Has me thinking about all the travelling we’re doing this year (which will likely be cold and snowy too, but that’s besides the point.) Are you doing any travel this year?

|| the smell ||

|| the smell ||

So today I write to you from my kitchen. It’s nothing fancy. I share it with a catlord and our roommate (catlord’s cousin, who only learned how to cook rice properly last week).
I’m going through a weird minimalist meets low impact ~thing~, which means that everything in my life is going through a process. Two of those areas in my kitchen are my pantry and my fridge, which is great, because they both currently have the smell and I can’t find where it’s coming from. So, while I wait for my coffee cake to finish baking (which in hindsight, isn’t helpful when trying to locate a smell), let’s go on an adventure into my pantry.

Here is what our half of the pantry looks like. It desperately needs a declutter. I’m sure there’s something off in here, but it very well could be on the roommate’s side. (If Chris is the Catlord, could that make the cousin…a Catsquire?)

Excuse me while I listen to disco music loudly and clean stuff.

Who knew tidying my kitchen would be a multiple day adventure? Here’s the pantry after some reorganization and tidying. I have not located the smell, but I have hope. I might put some baking soda in a jar in the corner and let it soak up some of that snoot.

While it might not look cleaner, I feel it. In my boneeessss. I got rid of a bunch of expired stuff that I’m certain I’ve had longer than some of my cats, and took inventory of stuff that we haven’t really been eating.

I’m starting to get real annoyed at myself for hoarding food and letting it expire, when someone else could potentially use it. I mean, yes, I donate to food banks as often as I can, but like…am I really going to use that nearly brand new bag of pea protein isolate powder? No. It’s fucking disgusting and I just can’t get over the taste, but I’m sure someone would. I’m new to this whole thing, but I’ve recently come across an app called OLIO, which helps food hoarders like me find people in my area that might actually use some of our surplus. It’s also used for folks with gardens who end up with giant grocery bags of kale from their garden and never end up using it. *Phaidra* It’s definitely bigger in the UK, but I’m hoping I can get some traction out here. This post isn’t sponsored by anyone, I’m just like, mad. 🙂

CAN WE TALK ABOUT THIS COFFEE CAKE THOUGH? Holy shit is this bitch MOIST. Moist in a “I’m drowning in butter and I ain’t even mad” kind of way. If you’re interested in eating your entire weeks worth of calories in a single sitting, I highly recommend this Cinnamon Swirl Coffee cake from

Note the cat hair.

~*~ A E S T H E T I C P H O T O ~ * ~

That about does it for this post I think, stay tuned for the smell II.